GermFree Bioscience Australia

Fogging & Misting

Our fogging & misting service is unique in Australia and perfect for your home and/or business.

A GFBA technician will attend your premises and use an ATP luminometer to provide an indication of bacterial levels within the premises. The premises will be fogged/misted using Zoono’s Microbe Shield Z 71 surface sanitiser via a B & G 2600 electric fogger set at a very fine 20 microns.

Remember, Microbe Shield Z71 is food safe, contains no alcohol or poisons and has the same toxicity levels as vitamin C.

All areas will be treated including under tables, chairs, desks and it will be recommended that cupboards be left open.

The technician will request that shoes, sporting equipment and toys be left out to be treated. We will also treat any vehicles and if you have pets, their areas will also be treated. Drying time is approximately 10 minutes.

Following the fogging, the technician will complete a “touch point” treatment and show you the locations in your premises that have been treated. The technician will answer any questions and provide advice on how to maintain a germ free environment.

Treatment is best on recently cleaned surfaces and will provide ongoing protection against bacteria, viruses, mould and mildew for 28 days.

Following treatment, surfaces can be wiped down with warm soapy water to remove any debris without affecting the efficacy of the hygiene treatment.




    1. As soon as Zoono dries (about 10 mins), the sanitising technology commences protecting the surface for 28-days against bacteria, germs, viruses, pathogens, mould, mildew and odours.

    2. For most applications, Zoono can be expected to provide a lasting protection for a month (28-days). However, in extreme cases (such as critical hygiene, food preparation areas and bouts of colds, flu, gastro etc) Industry and Certified Food Safety protocols may stipulate a more frequent application.

    3. Between Zoono applications, surfaces may still be cleaned using basic soap and water solutions to remove any residue - detergents and other harsh technical cleaners are essentially unnecessary as you have ongoing 28-day protection again pathogens. Should chemicals or harsh cleaners be inadvertently used on the sanitised surfaces, the Zoono bonded sanitisation layer is not interrupted and continues to do its job killing bacteria.

    4. Zoono is safe for humans, animals, food preparation areas and our planet alike.