November 20, 2017

Sick Building Syndrome is more common than most people think.  Modern building weatherisation in homes and workplaces creates an airtight seal to save energy, but unfortunately it also seals in air contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bacteria, viruses, mould spores and allergens.  

If the ventilation system is outdated or unclean, the contaminants are spread throughout the building. Studies show that in "healthy" homes and buildings people are indeed healthier as well as happier and more productive.

Dirt, mould, germs, and allergens are usual suspects, but chemical residues and VOCs from cleaning products and building materials like carpeting, faux wood, caulk, adhesive, plastics and the like are contaminants as well.  They are inhaled, absorbed by our skin, and even ingested in minute quantities.  Their effects are sometimes felt immediately, but often it's their slow build up over time in our bodies that has the more lasting and permanent health effects. Some physical symptoms of working or living in an unhealthy building include fatigue, an inability to concentrate, headaches, light-headedness, nausea, skin issues, dry throat, coughs and aggravation of existing conditions.

So why should we settle for toxic and non food safe products when healthier and safer alternatives exist with which we can keep our homes and offices a lot more hygienically sound?

We at Germ Free Bioscience Australia are very fortunate in that we have partnered with the Zoono Group, a New Zealand based, ASX listed company, to access the most unique, non-toxic, long lasting, food safe, disinfectant products in the world to reduce and eliminate bacteria, viruses and mould in the spaces where we live, work and play.  The technology that we offer is used in hospitals, food and beverage processing plants, agriculture, childcare, aged care and many other germ sensitive areas. 

Zoono's technology has been refined and now in its 11th generation becoming more effective and more affordable.  As our products do not require an extensive array of cleaning chemicals to be on hand, they are cost effective.

If you think that your home or office may be "sick" please give us a call or email us at and we can soon have your building on the way to a speedy recovery through our misting and touch point services.

Thanks for reading

Tom Lowther