November 03, 2017

Our society's reliance on chemicals is frightening.  The products of chemical business giants (you know the ones I mean. You probably saw one of them advertised on the TV last night) have been part of all of our lives, even our heritage, at least as far back as our grandparents and in all likelihood, even further. There is no doubt that they have made life convenient for many of us but have you ever considered at what cost?  Most of us have been brought up to believe that these products are essentially harmless if we don't ingest them however it is fair to say that most of us are oblivious to the ramifications of their extensive use, daily exposure and the by-products from their manufacture.

How many of these products can claim that they are non-toxic?  How many can say that they are approved as food safe?  How many can claim that they are not a "dangerous good" for shipping or storage purposes?  How many can claim that PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is not necessary when using larger amounts?  How many can claim that they are not flammable?  And sadly, how many children have died as a result of ingesting one of these traditional family favourites? As one example, type the word "chloroxylenol" into your search engine and read away.

At the end of the day it is ultimately a matter of choice. I don't expect that a few words on a website will sway you to immediately change what are perhaps the habits of several lifetimes. If only it were that easy! All I can say with some authority is that the solutions we offer are not only safer for you, your loved ones, pets and the environment but also more economical than replenishing various types of expensive disinfection chemicals each month.  

The less we buy harsh chemical products, the more of a message the chemical companies receive. Society took the right steps around 20 years with the "green" movement however the chemical conglomerates have chosen not to adopt those principles and continue to peddle products that are toxic and potentially lethal in little hands. A healthier alternative can be found right here on this website with Zoono's very unique and safe technology.

Feel free to browse our Fact Sheets under the "info" tab and learn more about our products.  I hope that at the very least this has opened your mind to the fact that healthier hygiene solutions do exist and you do have a choice.

Thanks for reading.

Tom Lowther - Co-founder, Germ Free Bioscience Australia