April 02, 2020

With the current situation regarding COVID-19, aside from the seriousness of the infection and the terrible toll it is having on our communities and lifestyles, one of the more disturbing aspects is the number of people who are trying to take financial advantage of the situation by offering goods and services that they previously would never have considered.

Coffee manufacturers offering disinfectant at 10 times the purchase price, clothing and takeaway stores offering hand sanitiser, carpet cleaners offering hygiene fogging. The list of those who see the Coronavirus as an opportunity to make money is not only deplorable, but also concerning.

I have been inundated by dodgy re-sellers hoping to buy in bulk and on-sell for a profit. I have had complaints from consumers that the labelled Zoono product that they bought online is possibly fake. I’ve seen businesses who are offering fogging services without having any industry experience or any idea what they are doing. I have even seen brand new businesses offering what they claim are products that replicate Zoono products.

If you have any doubts as to the authenticity or intention of a supplier or service provider, please ask for evidence of their claims and consider contacting your local Office of Fair Trading. An email to info@zoono.com will also result in honest feedback.

People have completed an online course in disinfection and suddenly become experts, despite having no previous experience or skill set.

Germ Free Bioscience Australia has been in operation for over 3 years and is an approved distributor of genuine Zoono products and Zoono-based services. We are proud of our close association with the ASX listed Zoono Group. Our core business is hygiene and is totally Zoono-based.

We offer professional levels of customer service in terms of both the provision of products and fogging/misting at realistic prices.

We will continue to support our loyal customer base and offer what we can in terms of assistance and advice to anyone who asks.

If you need guaranteed genuine Zoono products and fogging services, please consider Germ Free Bioscience.

With us, you know exactly what you are getting…and we won’t try and sell you a coffee!

Stay safe,
Tom Lowther